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The A.R.K Mission:

To prepare students for the future through communication, education, and practical experience. We want to be a basis for expanding your professional network, a resource for exploring your interests, and a guide to self-betterment.




Dine & Refine with McElroy

FEB 28th 6PM


Dine & Refine




Wednesdays 5:30-8:30PM
Upstairs Lobby Stevenson







    The A.R.K Project is a non-profit student-led Mechanical Engineering (ME) organization based at the University of Tulsa. We focus on providing important services to MEs, both upperclassmen and underclassmen, to improve their experience at the University. Working with other ME organizations like MADE, BAJA, NSBE, and ASME, we will reinvigorate the TU ME community post-covid.

    Our Motto at A.R.K is Apply Your Excellence. We say this because we wholeheartedly believe that every student accepted into the University of Tulsa’s Mechanical Engineering program is excellent. In addition to our student's initial excellence, we have nationally acclaimed professors, who love what they do, educating them on the most difficult topics to facilitate their growth. However, we understand that our professors only have so much time and can’t fit in everything they’d like in their lessons. This is where A.R.K steps in.

    A.R.K provides opportunities for students to hone the skills their professors have taught them. In our communication sector, students can utilize their interpersonal communication skills when they meet Mechanical Engineering businesses from the local Tulsa area and across the nation. In our education sector, they can receive tutoring and peer mentorship, become a tutor or mentor, explore research options and opportunities, and participate in technical discussion groups. Finally, in the practical experience area, they will learn the tools of the trade, including but not limited to welding, soldering, and workshops on manufacturing processes.

Engine Belts


Image by Danil Shostak



Image by Scott Graham
Done Deal


Business Meeting


Why be an A.R.K Member? 

Here at A.R.K., we believe in self-empowerment through community improvement, and each of our members has the capacity and opportunity to contribute to this end. That's why A.R.K. will provide you with what you need to accomplish your objectives. Being an A.R.K Member means access to all of A.R.K's resources, the fastest information channel for upcoming A.R.K. events, influence in club affairs and offerings, special mechanical engineering tutoring services, face to face encounters with prominent Tulsa companies, and priority at all events.

Join The A.R.K Project!

Complete our quick online membership form below and become a part of the mission!

Levels Of Membership

Active Member - An active member has attended at least two communications and two practical experience/education events over course of the semester. Active Members will be eligible for professional engagement. This includes but is not limited to: receiving an A.R.K certificate upon graduation and the ability to become an official A.R.K officer.


Member - A member has officially been recognized as a participant in club affairs. Members have attended at least two ARK practical experience, education, or communication workshops over the course of the semester and have been written into the membership log (if they have not, this will be performed by the Secretary at first knowledge). Members will be eligible to receive ARK merchandise while supplies last and will hold parliamentary authority.


Kinda - You are on our email list. Kindas are not considered official members of ARK and will have no parliamentary authority. Reasonable suggestions, however, must and will not go unheard, regardless of status!

Working Together



Hello to all A.R.K Members and anyone else who is viewing this page, my name is Vincent Ume-Ezeoke and I am a junior at the University of Tulsa. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering while playing for the Tulsa Golden Hurricane Football Team. I founded A.R.K because I believe there is so much untapped potential in my fellow students that I would hate to see go to waste. My vision for this program is for it to become a longstanding, nationally recognized ME club that transforms TU into a Mechanical Engineering powerhouse. Bring your talents, trials, and tribulations on this ARK and help our vision become reality!

 A.R.K President: Vincent Nwagwu Ume-Ezeoke

Ed boi.PNG

A.R.K Vice President: Edward Liechti

Hi! My name is Edward Liechti, and I’m a junior Mechanical Engineering and Spanish double major here at the University of Tulsa. I have participated in Make a Difference Engineering (MADE), the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC), mid-semester research, and the Honors Program. I am looking to study abroad in Spain in my fourth year (of five) with the IEL program and (soon) work in Dr. LePage’s lab. I am also a tutor of Mechanical Engineering and your very own ARK Vice President. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Taity boi_edited.jpg

 A.R.K Co. Vice President: Tait Douglas

Hello! I am a Mechanical Engineering Major at TU. I love the outdoors, and you'll often see me around the campus. I am a member of the TU Two Step Club and I hope to do research when I graduate. I truly believe the ARK program can make a difference for young engineering majors, and I can't wait to get started.


A.R.K Secretary: Georgia Hilburn

Hello! I am a Mechanical Engineering and Spanish Major at TU. I love the outdoors, and you'll often see me running around the campus. I am a member of MADE, SWE, and TU Treks, and I hope to do Solids research when I graduate. I truly believe the ARK program can make a difference for young engineering majors, and I can't wait to get started.


A.R.K Practical Exp. Specialist: Mason Fuller

My name is Mason Fuller, I’m from Inola, Oklahoma. I’m a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Tulsa. I chose ME because of my passion for building and running race cars with my family. I'm looking forward to improving the ME department with A.R.K.


A.R.K Treasurer: Bethany Wilson

Hi! I'm Bethany Wilson, a third year Mechanical Engineering major with minors in Russian and Computer Science. Currently, I'm the treasurer for both ASME and ARK. I have enjoyed and been interested in aerospace for a while and had a summer internship during my freshman year at Christensen Aviation overhauling Cessna engines. Now, I'm looking forward to my internship with Textron Aviation lined up for this summer! Also, robotics has been another one of my many interests. So I'm really excited for the ARK robotics modules as well as the other events ARK is planning!

A.R.K Director of Online Affiliations: Michael Lester

Hello! My name is Michael Lester and I'm from Collinsville, Oklahoma. I am a Junior Mechanical Engineering student here at the University of Tulsa. Some of my engineering passions include Aerospace and high power rocketry. I hope to work for a space launch provider when I graduate. 

A.R.K Chairman of Newsletter Productions: Lucas Lombard

Hello! My name is Lucas Lombard and I am a junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Tulsa. My interests include artistic expression and basketball. I joined A.R.K because I am always looking for opportunities to engage with my major and university life. As someone who struggled with  the mechanical engineering course load, I really believe this club would have been an excellent resource for myself and so I want to be part of bringing it to others.  I could not be more excited to be a part of this organization. 


A.R.K Chief of Photographic and Video Operations

Hey there! My name is Trevor Reh, I'm a 3rd year Energy Management Major here at the University of Tulsa. I am a part of TEMSA and the TU Football team. I am looking to help develop and cultivate the learning environment for all to enjoy. I am excited to be part of the A.R.K. team and expand the horizons on education with the help of my team members!

A.R.K Faculty Advisor: Prof. Moran

Marie Moran is an Applied Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences at The University of Tulsa.

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